5 Reasons to watch your scooter tyre pressure

5 Reasons to watch your scooter tyre pressure

It's easy to forget your tyre pressure - if you're anything like us you're just excited to get out on your scooter. But your tyres are the only point of contact between yourself and the ground so keeping your pressure maintained is crucial.

Here's 5 reasons to keep an eye on your tyre pressure:

More comfortable and safer ride

Air filled tyres offer a far more comfortable riding solution to honeycomb and solid tyres. Too much pressure though, and you're at risk of your tyres blowing out. Too little pressure and you're at greater risk of punctures and an uncomfortable ride experience.

Better range

Range. The word on everyones lips. It's not just to do with your battery and motor though. Weight, weather and even tyre pressure all play a part. Scooting with your tyres at the correct pressure reduces your rolling resistance, meaning less friction between you and the road. you'll also have a longer lasting battery and motor. Win win. 

Puncture resistance

No one wants a puncture, they're no fun and can be a little dangerous. So keep those tyres pumped kids! We also recommend puncture protection fluid which forms a preventative layer that can quickly seal a hole. You can add pre-inserted puncture protection fluid to your Volter at checkout, so no more worries about a flat tyre.

Longer tyre life

It seems obvious, but hear us out. The right tyre pressure means that your tyre will wear in the right places. Incorrect pressure can lead to excess wear, tyre deflection and deformation.

Less replacements

We want to ensure that when you buy from us you're getting something that lasts. It's not good for your wallet or our planet to be replacing items quicker than you need to, so follow our tips and save your money. 

The recommended tyre pressure for your Volter is 36 Psi.

Please note, electric scooters are only allowed on private land with the landowners permission.

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