Better for you, Better for our planet.

Better for you, Better for our planet.

Save money and do your bit... what's not to love?!


More time for you

London is the 6th most congested city globally – the average Londoner spends 227 hours stuck in traffic, we think that sounds pretty miserable! Any e-scooter user will tell you the most amazing benefit of scooting is the control it gives you. No longer are you beholden to that uber, that late bus – you can get to your destination when you want. Not when you can.

Oh.. and you’ll arriver all the more happy for your journey in the fresh air!


They’re so cheap!

It costs on average 10 – 20p to fully charge an e-scooter. These days you can’t even buy a Freddo for that much! But seriously… the costs take some beating - compared to a car or public transport, getting anywhere by e-scooter is by far the most cost effective.


Get out there and breathe!

It is a well-known fact that being outdoors is great for our mental health and provides us with that all important healthy dose of Vitamin D. Scooting really does give you a chance to decompress, take in your surroundings and enjoy the journey.


Better for our planet

We don’t want to preach about climate change but here at Volter, we do fundamentally believe that we all need to do our bit. Ditching your car or taxi rides for an e-scooter can really help our urban jungles thrive. With huge investment into greener transport planned across the UK, and e-scooter legislation soon to change, there really is no better time to change the way you travel.


 Be part of the solution. Enjoy the ride.

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