How to maintain your e-scooter

How to maintain your e-scooter

The secret to a happy e-scooter is maintenance. This lets you keep your scooter as safe as possible; and will ensure you have many happy years together.

Here are our tips on how to easily keep your scooter well maintained: 

Keep your battery healthy

Your battery is the beating heart of your scooter. Keep it healthy and you'll have a happy scooter that can go the distance. After using your scooter, make sure you wait a few minutes to put it on charge, this means you'll ensure your scooter is fully dry prior to charging. 

We also recommend not waiting until your battery is completely dead before charging it up. If your scooter uses a lithium ion battery, the battery will have a number of charge cycles it can complete. Charge it from 50% and you'll ensure your battery lasts longer. 

Keep an eye on your tyres

They say invest in anything that goes between you and the ground and scooter tyres are no exception. Luckily, investing a little time means you won't have to invest very much money.

First, check your tyre pressure. Under-inflated tyres put you at higher risk of punctures, have a weaker grip, and can cause excessive wear on the inner tube. You'll also be at risk if you encounter a pot hole, and we're huge advocates of being as safe as possible. So check those tyres before every use!

If you'd like to reduce your risk of punctures you can always grab yourself some puncture protection fluid, this works by creating an instant permanent seal when a puncture occurs, minimising any loss of pressure and allowing you to continue on your travels.

We also recommend keeping an eye on your tyre tread - while there's not much you can do to prevent wear and tyre, you'll just need to be prepared to replace your tyres when it's needed.

Maintain your brakes

Without safe brakes, you don't have a safe scooter. Ensure you keep your foot brakes clear from any debris and keep an eye on your cable brakes, they may need tightening every once in a while! 

Stop water damage

We like to keep a small towel in a handy location for when we're home from our scooter jaunt. Giving your scooter a good wipe down after a ride will ensure no corrosive substances, water or mud cause any issues. 

Please note, private e-scooters are currently not allowed on public roads or footpaths.

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  • Allen

    I have a problem with with my e-scooter I came off a kerb on the road and somehow broken the cable which has as a small all spring the spring is broken and I don’t know no what it does or what I need to replace could somebody help me me to tell me what to do or where to go fix it I would appreciate that thank you

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