Our commitment to creating an inclusive workplace

Our commitment to creating an inclusive workplace

It's 2021 and women are still disproportionately represented at every level in the workplace, and more women were made redundant during the pandemic than men.

At Volter we're committed to being better. We're preparing to rapidly expand this year, and will be setting out our commitment to inclusivity from the outset.

We believe the following values will help remove unconscious bias in our workplace. As we expand we'll be constantly checking ourselves and trying to be better.

We will: Include training and development as part of every role

While women are misrepresented at the top of the business. it's often the first jump to management that is overlooked – only 79 women are promoted to managerial level, compared to every 100 men. It's been theorised that a lack of confidence can contribute to this, where women believe they must have 100 per cent of the necessary qualifications before moving forward. In contrast, men feel confident when they check 60 per cent of the boxes.

In order to build confidence and prepare people for their next step we will be committing to providing training and development funds to every job role. These will be personalised to the wants and needs of each individual, not each job role. These personalised training plans will enable everyone to choose their career progression, even beyond Volter.

We will: Create a truly flexible workplace

A study by the University of Texas into how men and women think about work-life balance found that women feel trapped between the demands of their work and family; causing many women to leave their positions. Women who continued to work said that they are exhausted from having “two full-time careers".

It's easy to tout a flexible workplace, but we'll be putting our money where our mouth is and providing true flexibility and an environment of trust. This means that if people have a greater need for flexibility for children, animals, doctor appointments, periods, or... well, anything... they can have the flexibility they require.

We will: Create a safe space for questions

We want to ensure a truly transparent leadership team, who are in touch with the whole workforce. We'll have an open question policy, meaning any question can be asked to our founder, and as we expand we'll be providing a platform for anonymous questions.

We don't want to shy away from difficult questions or topics.

We will: Create gender neutral job adverts

Your job ad is the first experience your future employees have of your company culture. Gender biased language in job adverts can make it harder to create a diverse work force from the outset. 

While it's not necessarily known why different language can create unconscious bias, the data doesn't lie. We will be avoiding masculine words such as 'ninja', 'results-driven' and 'self-starter'.

Bring on 2021 and a new way of working. 


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