Stay safe and visible this winter

Stay safe and visible this winter


With the winter and dark nights upon us, it is even more important to make sure you are safe and visible when riding your scooter. 

Be visible

Let's start with lights - essential for any winter riding. We'd advise always having them on in the winter months as you just can't be too careful. Volter comes with a  a strong set of front and rear lights and side reflectors as standard, but we'd suggest you carry another rear light and attach it either to your helmet or a backpack. This will allow you to be seen even more clearly in the murky weather!

We know that hi-vis may not be the most trendy item of clothing, but take it from us... it can be your best friend. There is no better way to stand out than wearing a hi-vis vest or waterproof jacket... just maybe whip it off before your mates see you! 

Wear Your Helmet

Simply put – why would you ever go without? We know that helmets of old have traditionally been a bit dorky, but designs have come on a lot recently and there are some great looking models on the market. You no longer have to choose between fashion and function – Thousand helmets design a pretty sweet range. Check them out here. We love the recently launched Chapter helmet, which has the added benefit of a magnetic light to attach to the back of the helmet.

Tyre Pressure

Maintaining your tyre pressure is super important. Volter’s tyres are air-filled for the well-known superior ride quality, so we recommend you do a quick tyre pressure check before each ride -  it’s nice and simple once you know how! Checking tyre pressure  will reduce your risk of punctures and ensure optimum handling of the scooter. Simply invest in a pump and keep your tyres inflated to 36Psi (as laid out in our instruction manual). 

Ride for the environment you're in

Electric scooters are nippy little things, so resist the temptation to go everywhere flat out! 15mph doesn't sound that quick but take it from us... it is! Always ride for the environment you're in, if it's busy then slow down, take care and pick your route carefully. Volter comes with 3 gear modes which restrict your speed to 6mph, 9mph or 15mph - these can be really handy to make sure you are always in control of your scooter.

If you're new to scooting then make the most of gear 1 whilst you get comfortable and familiarise yourself with all the scooter’s features and functionalities.

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