Should I buy or should I rent an electric scooter?

Should I buy or should I rent an electric scooter?

Ridesharing apps have some fantastic features - park it wherever you like, don't pay to maintain it, don't shell out to buy it - 'Where's the catch?' We hear you ask. Well, let us break it down for you... 

Let's start with the sustainability issue

Here at Volter we're trying to make a difference to our planet - and we really believe we can. Using an electric scooter for short journeys can replace cars, buses and public transport.

The difficulty we have with ride sharing apps is this...



And this... 



Rental scooters are badly looked after by their customers and (relatively regularly) thrown in rivers - like the image above - where French startup Guppy ( - go check them out) fished out 58 electric scooters in less than 3 hours from the Seine in Paris.

Rental scooters also have a very short lifespan, some spend less than 6 months on the road, they are used and abused and then thrown in the bin.. or river. That doesn't sound particularly sustainable to us. And not to mention, a rental needs to be collected every day by a van, charged up in a warehouse and then delivered back to the pavement it was littering. 

Compare that to a privately owned, well maintained and cared for electric scooter.. you get the picture. 


How about the costs?

You'd be amazed how quickly the costs add up. The average ride share app charges £1 to unlock a scooter and then 20p per minute when you're riding. Let's say your commute is 30 minutes, that's £14 per day, £280 per month, or over £3,000 per year.

We'll leave you to work out how quickly a Volter Series One will pay for itself. 


We could go on - there's still safety, rider experience and street littering to consider.. but you're probably bored of this by now...


We just hope the UK Government can see the wood from the trees and allow our sustainable, well maintained, conscientiously ridden electric scooters out on the road!



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